When Raith Rovers won the Coca-Cola Cup it didn’t feel real – 25 years later it still doesn’t

Don’t peak too soon. Advice that can apply to many things in life. Whatever you do, make sure you save the good stuff till later. When you go to the cinema you don’t settle down with your popcorn and watch as the hero defeats the villain in the first scene, followed by 120 minutes of […]

Death or glory? Raith’s future hangs in the balance

It was a candid comment of the sort we’re not used to in the inane realm of post-match interviews. Asked whether the target for next season is promotion, John McGlynn, architect of Raith Rovers’ season of over-achievement, refused to gloss over the grim predicament facing the club. The practiced tone of upbeat, football-manager-speak noticably fell away […]

“Surely unthinkable for the skipper to miss…”

“… And he doesn’t! “Celtic have won the Coca-Cola Cup!” Doesn’t really have the same ring to it does it? But even the staunchest Raith supporter would not begrudge Paul McStay his penalty spot revenge over Scott Thomson in the Ronnie Coyle benefit match at Stark’s Park today that featured some of the players from […]

Scotland’s glorious failure #3,423

Watching football from the stands or from the sofa – there are, of course, some fundamental differences. While your average SkySports-subscribing Joe will get a better overview of the match complete with instant replays and ‘expert commentary’, there are still aspects of going to the game that collectively outweigh any flashy TV wizardry. Last night […]

Raith Rovers 0 – 2 Dundee United: My take on the Scottish Cup semi-final

So near and yet so far… I wrote a quick reaction piece on Raith Rovers’ Scottish Cup semi-final defeat to Dundee United for scotsman.com. Sometimes it’s hard to be a Rover, as Tammy Wynette might have sung if she had experienced lower league Scottish football. And that’s just getting to the game. Unless you’re a member of […]