Suilven, stags and Stac Pollaidh

Just back from another trip up north. This time we went back to Ullapool, as a base to explore Sutherland and the North-West Highlands. Top of my list was Suilven. I’d seen it a few years ago from a distance, but wanted to get closer this time (without climbing it, of course). We walked from the seaside village of Lochinver along the River Inver to the lodge at Glencanisp (thanks WalkHighlands), and when Suilven rose above the bracken it was a spectacular sight.



The building in the foreground was left derelict by the Highland Clearances.




Then the sun came out, and our attention was caught by a trio of stags up on the hill to the right of the path.

Stag near Suilven

Stag near Suilven

Stag near Suilven

Not the best camouflage.

The drive back to Ullapool was equally spectacular, with clear views of Stac Pollaidh.

Stac Pollaidh

And some incredible light in the sky.

Landscape near Ullapool

Back to reality now.

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