Boards of Canada news, or, when no PR is good PR

Boards of CanadaHave you ever heard the old proverb about feeding fish?

Feedeth your fish too much and they grow bloated and perisheth, but feedeth them scraps and they stay hungry and healthy.

No? Well that’s because I made it up. But there’s still some value in it.

When it comes to keeping your fans starved of information, few bands are as tight-fisted as Boards of Canada.

We know the basics: brothers Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin, 40-ish, formerly (?)  based in the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh at a studio/commune they call Hexagon Sun, sharing an appreciation of crackly old educational documentaries from the 1970s and US cults.

But try learning much more and you’ll only come across rumours, sunburst photographs and cryptic quotes. Contrary to popular belief, they do actually give interviews, but their last one was in 2006.

So us BoC fanatics are hungry little fish, pouncing on any tiny scrap of information that drifts our way.

Such as this evening, with an almost imperceptible but potentially significant change to the official band website. If you now click on the Discography page, there’s a new tenth blank icon after their latest work, which apparently wasn’t there before. It’s hyperlinked, but doesn’t go anywhere.

Could this be the sign of the fourth coming, the fabled new album we’ve been waiting on since the year of our lord 2005?

Whether it’s concrete proof of activity or just a cruel mindgame, one’s thing for sure: for anyone remotely interested it’s far more effective than any superlative-heavy press release or official announcement.

Of course, any new artist will have to play the self-promotion game to some extent, but perhaps when they’re a bit more established they should remember the proverb of the fish tank.

7 thoughts on “Boards of Canada news, or, when no PR is good PR

  1. Wow! — you have watched the site carefully enough to know this change just occurred recently? I admire the attention to detail, though it also seems a bit over the top 😉 Thanks for pointing it out though, that is kind of interesting. Yours is the first post of “news” on BoC for 2011, and I’ve been wondering again recently when something new will come out, and wondering if perhaps they are one of those electronic groups who releases a few brilliant works and then fades into history (albeit their track record pretty much disallows writing them off to that degree). Keep that vigilant eye open for us, we’ll be listening…

  2. Great, no news is news to get me twitchy about BoC news.. hell even Richard James of Aphex Twin fame has more news happen about him than the boys of BoC. :/

  3. Yes there’s more than a few of us out here dredging for _any_ info of what’s going on with BOC. And you know, I think one of the things I like about them is how little I know about them. But I too am absolutely starved for new stuff from them. Hope you’re right about a possible new album in the near future.

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