A few pictures of Berlin

Brandenburg Gate
The Brandenburg Gate, focal point for most of Berlin's turbulent history

I’m currently bunged up with a cold, no doubt brought on by a combination of a few too many Berliner biers and the German capital’s even-chillier-than-Scotland autumn weather. But the trip was worth a few sniffles, because I had a great time exploring the place.

The few remaining scraps of the Berlin Wall, the site of Hitler’s bunker (now an anonymous car park) and the new Jewish memorial were all fascinating and humbling, but it was the nightlife that was the main attraction.

While we made a few wrong turns and bad choices, we also found some great bars, such as the graffiti-covered Zapata, the cool DJ bar named after Studio 54 and Silberfisch, a cellar bar that stayed open till 8am.

The quality of the pictures this time round isn’t too good as I was relying on my camera phone, but here are a few anyway, wonky panorama shots included.

My attempt at a panoramic shot of the Reichstag, Germany's parliament building
The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Another panorama attempt: The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, a newish site built with thousands of concrete slabs
The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Taken 'inside' the Jewish memorial. Looks like rows of skyscrapers to me.
The Fernsehturm
The Fernsehturm, or TV tower, which is visible from practically everywhere in Berlin.
Currywurst, the local delicacy

2 thoughts on “A few pictures of Berlin

  1. Well, before you go there next time, make sure you ask… There are lots of great places in Berlin + I am not even going to comment on your David Hasselhoff stereotyping ;o)!

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