Blogging, huh, what is it good for?

I’m writing this for my new online home, my digital cubbyhole that is You see, until now, all my blogging was done at lotsofrandomwords. I couldn’t even think of a decent name for it, let alone any kind of editorial direction (journo-speak), so here I am starting afresh.

My last blog just ended up as a portfolio (read, word dump) of my published articles on music for The Skinny and a few other publications. It’s not what blogging is or was ever intended to be. I believe a well-written blog is no less important than a leader in a national newspaper, but people have to understand that they’re fundamentally different, by definition.

A good blog is subjective, a piece of writing that says as much about the writer as it does about the subject. It’s not journalistic, because journalism is essentially the striving for objectivity and authority. Of course, bloggers can have authority, but that authority is gained by having a strong sense of personality or compelling views backed up by convincing arguments, rather than having the most powerful contacts or doing the most investigative research.

So I hope that this new blog serves as more than just a word dump. I’ll try to think more creatively this time, and be truer to the blogging spirit.

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